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How can we help you with your real estate investments?

The real estate market is a good deal today, just as it was in the past and will certainly be in the future. However, some care is needed before making this type of investment.

GSAVALIA is positioned as a consultant to any entity that seeks to make real estate investments. In this business, analysing multiple scenarios is essential to get more value.

After a difficult economic period that we have experienced in recent times, when real estate investments have fallen sharply, at the moment we are witnessing a great demand in the search for new investment opportunities.

For you, who is a potential individual buyer this service is also fully advisable. Whether it is choosing a good home for permanent home ownership, suited to your family needs or, if on the other hand, you seek for a secondary housing of your own, a holiday home where to spend the best moments of peacefulness. Inland or on the coast, where you are in contact with nature or, on the contrary, in more busy areas; whatever the situation, it is essencial to know if you are paying the right price for it. Whatever your case, an independent and rigorous assessment can make all the difference.

For larger real estate promotions, detailed analysis of possible scenarios is often crucial to the success of the project. This type of service involves the analysis of PDM (Municipal Master Plan), detailed plans, the different possible buildings, of the surroundings, by the projection of various scenarios, all so that in the end the investor makes the best possible decision.

Rely on the knowledge of our evaluator experts before making your real estate investments.

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