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Who works at GSAVALIA?

Gil Sousa

Gil Sousa - Owner GSAVALIA

REV - Recognized European Valuer by Tegova

CMVM - Real Estate Appraiser

A Real Estate Appraiser nowadays has a lot of pressure in the exercise of his / her function, normally done by all the stakeholders with whom he / she relates. The only way to give a good answer to this pressure is to have the skills unequivocally necessary to carry out an assessment and to have a strong sense of ethics and responsibility.

I am a Civil Engineer and I have a Real Estate Appraiser course through the Higher School of Real Estate Appraisal (ESAI). I also have the title of Recognized European Valuer accredited by Tegova – REV (REV-PT/ASAVAL/2027/8) and I am Real Estate Appraiser registered with the CMVM (PAI/2015/0169).
I have several years of experience as an Expert Appraiser mainly in assessments carried out for financial entities and private assessments related to shares or investment advice.

Real Estate Appraisers

Real estate appraisals should, in our opinion, be made exclusively by real estate appraisers. People with proven experience and a course for that purpose.

In this sense, all appraisers who work with us will at least be eligible under the same criteria necessary for registering an appraisal expert with the CMVM.

The CMVM currently has about 1650 registered experts. In Portugal, only an expert appraiser registered there can carry out evaluations for the financial system.

Please note that in the case of private assessments, these requirements are not mandatory.

Thus, all the experts who collaborate with us all over the country are registered with the CMVM or could be if they wanted to. The intention is to offer always rigorous evaluations and in accordance with the best practices existing in national regulations. At GSAVALIA any expert appraiser has extensive experience in real estate appraisal and unequivocal knowledge of the territorial area where he conducts appraisals. You can always expect excellent work.

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