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How to do the sharing of real estate?

The sharing of property may be done either by common agreement or by judicial means. Many of our customers, even when the sharing of their goods is done by common agreement, use our valuation services to avoid future misunderstandings regarding the value of the real estate to be shared. The evaluations we carry out are exclusively made by evaluators experts with recognised competence, experience and registered as Real Estate Evaluators in the CMVM. In this way we intend to give our customers the certainty that their evaluation will always be 100% impartial and professional.
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Inheritance or divorce without problems?

Whether we are talking about property sharing in case of divorce or inheritance (the most common) the evaluation is always fundamental to avoid and even solve conflicts. Sometimes the so-called sharing of assets brings a lot of unhappiness to those involved and ends with disagreements between family members, which may last for the rest of their lives. An impartial evaluation of your assets can help a lot in this process and solve many problems. When an understanding is not possible by mutual agreement, it is common to use the inventory process. At this stage, once again, an evaluation can be decisive in reaching an agreement on the value of the assets.
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Does making a will help?

One way commonly used by our customers, in the case of the property sharing for inheritances, is to make a living will. By this mean, they avoid future problems between heirs. In this case, when there is real estate assets, a valuation is essential so that the heirs can more easily consider the will to be fair. If you are in this situation contact us today and we will give you more detailed information about our service.

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